Self-development and time management methods

Self development

The concept of self-development has been linked to improving our qualifications, capabilities, and personal capabilities, such as mental capabilities represented by concentration and creative thinking or communication skills such as listening, the quality of speech and the ability to understand and understand others well, controlling psychological problems and the quality of controlling our feelings and reactions, enhancing our positive behaviors and getting rid of negative ones by knowing the strengths And weakness in our interior, and the premise of all this from two points: the first is our belief in our humanity and our right and our natural duty to develop, and the second: we are certain that the human being is between two levels that have no third, as for development and progress, or backwardness and delay. Vocabulary of the course (the concept of self-development – the reasons and dimensions of the process of self-development – the practical stages of the process – the steady and changing measures of development for the process of self-development – signs and encouragements of self-development – the results of the strategy of self-development).

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