Dialogue and the art of negotiation

Dialogue and the art of negotiation

Dialogue and the art of negotiation .. It is no longer hidden from the specialists that the art of dialogue has become one of the most important tools of human communication of all kinds – cultural, scientific, intellectual and social – that modern life requires more urgently than before, because of its impact on developing and promoting the talents and capabilities of individuals to Common thinking, logical analysis and scientific reasoning. As for the importance of the art of negotiation; Specialists mention that the average person spends at least 11 hours of daily contact with others – this is before discovering satellites and the Internet – whether orally, in writing or reading, and this period requires attention to the need to develop communication skills, whether at the level of work or society, and whatever Our social position and our job grade, we need to develop our ability to communicate with others and convince them of our visions and also to recognize their visions and perhaps adopt them if they are proven to be true.

1- Dialogue and addressing the problems of functional and social relationships, vocabulary of the session (problem solving through dialogue – creative thinking and administrative development – innovation and development in problem solving – simplification and development of administrative procedures and their importance in various administrative processes – the relationship between creativity and innovation and the elements of a creative thinking feature – the concept of brainstorming And its importance in dealing with work problems – principles and applications of brainstorming – the skills of the innovative person and the applications of creative arts at work).

2- The art of negotiation .. vocabulary of the session (definition of negotiation – the concept of negotiation – the reasons for negotiation – when and where negotiations are held – brainstorming test on the subject of negotiation).

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